Your Virtuoso DMC for Central America

The Namu Travel Group is an onsite agency for Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize and Colombia with 18 years of experience and well established partnerships throughout Central America.

Whether you are looking for cross-country or one destination trips for your clients, they provide an unmatched service that will fulfill the needs and wants of any traveler.

They have a well-developed compensation program for you, and a number of benefits for your clients.

Often referred to as the “Land of Eternal Spring” Guatemala is arguably the most magical destination in Central America. The highlands of this Central American country offer perhaps the best climate in the region, a consistent year-round blessing of warm weather and sunshine, tempered by mountain breezes.

The ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal may be the largest and most complete ancient Native American site on the planet. With dozens of intact, huge temples and buildings to explore in multiple Tikal sites, the mind’s eye simply doesn’t have to imagine what these ancient cities looked like hundreds of years ago. Visitors can see, touch and scale these ancient walls as they walk through history.

Antigua (another UNESCO World Heritage site) is a staff favorite as the best and most well preserved of all the colonial European towns in the Americas. It is like Cartagena, Colombia, but 10 degrees cooler and surrounded by 3 massive volcanoes. Views abound. As well, Lake Atilan is described by many as the most beautiful lake on earth, surrounded by quaint villages each with its own unique charm.