France sales, PR and marketing for hotels and destinations

R-France, your GSA based in Paris

Our French office’s goal is to help independent hotels and destinations grow their overall business, market share and visibility on the French market through :

Sales calls

✓ Ongoing sales calls to travel agencies, key partners and tour operators in France, Monaco, French speaking Switzerland and Belgium
✓ Special sales weeks dedicated to your company

Follow up

✓ Maintain and develop relationships with clients
✓ Follow up of inquiries via phone and e-mail
✓ Respond to reservation inquiries and requests from travel professionals, coordination with your reservation and operation team

E-marketing and social media

✓ Dedicated E-marketing sent to our database of travel professionals
✓ Presence in R-List newsletter
✓ Visibility on R-List social media
✓ Visibility and presentation on our website

Professional trades and fairs

✓ Participation to industry fairs and events in France (Rendez Vous, Top Resa and ILTM for instance)

Fam trips and site inspections

✓ Organization of site inspections and fam trips


✓ Presentation of your resort on R-List brochures which are given out during sales calls, events and fairs.
✓ Dedicated factsheets and flyers

Prospection and contracting:

✓ Tour operators, RFPs, Flash sales, groups, etc

Agent training

✓ Webinars and office presentations


✓ With our partner PR agency,


R-List, customized sales and marketing solutions

Specialized in chic and authentic tourism, R-List was created to help boutique and independent hotels and tourism professionals develop their sales and marketing strategy. With more than 18 years of experience in luxury hotels and resorts, we have built strong relationships with the best travel experts in France. We focus on increasing your visibility amongst travel advisors and thus developing your revenue.

R-List, your boutique and independent hotel expert

R-List specializes in promoting and selling boutique hotels. Our criteria? Discreet luxury. We believe in style, authenticity and curated service, in a chic and relaxed atmosphere. We have a passion for discovering unique and soulful properties which provide not only a memorable experience of the destination but are often a destination on to themselves.

R-List, your boutique agency

R-List is a “small” representation company, by choice. Our goal is to better represent each client on the List by presenting each client at most meetings and offering a more dedicated approach. Our limited collection allows us to create the ideal sales calls schedule for each of our clients, assuring that your property is presented to the appropriate agencies.


- « Boutique » agency: Our collection is carefully handpicked and intentionally limited so that we can offer highly personalized service. You will be strongly visible, not just one of a large collection. Simply put, during sales calls, a good amount of time will be dedicated to your product.
- Experienced and dynamic team: You work directly with the owner and a select very carefully chosen enthusiastic team. This means that we are always very flexible and nimble.
- Independent and boutique hotel expert: specialized in unique, chic and soulful properties.