Ycona – Zanzibar, Tanzania

Opening December 2022

map-icon Zanzibar, Tanzania

14 luxury front beach private villas and 5 luxury family lake and garden villas
500 m long private sandy beach, Ycona white sand bay, and sandbanks with a panoramic Beach Lounge
Exclusive culinary experiences: Fine Dining Restaurant (heart-shaped), Pizzeria&Grill, Beach Lounge, Mama Africa (local cuisine), Wine Cellar
Kids area
Maasai Spa
Overwater Gym & Exclusive wellness experiences: Ycona jungle trail, Tropical yoga…
Romantic spots for private events


“At Ycona, we believe in the 4Y: the new generation resort 4.0 must act EthicallY, ResponsiblY, EnvironmentallY, without compromising LuxurY”.

The YCONA LUXURY eco-RESORT goes BeYond. It represent the dream of the owners, a dynamic and charismatic globe-trotting couple who put in Ycona all their minds, hearts and desires. Ycona is a slice of heaven on the island of Zanzibar, a booming paradise in the hospitality sector, accurately designed around the couple’s celebration. The design of the Ycona villas, unique in the whole East Africa panorama, was committed to prestigious Architecture and Interiors Design Italian studios. The owners together with the architects, the developer and numerous other consultants guarantee the uniqueness and the top end quality of their tailor-made resort through niche know how and decennial experience.

The tropical environment and the uncontaminated nature led the team to design renewable energy eco-buildings where quality, style, privacy and eco-sustainability represent the basis of the project, 100% Made in Italy but with an authentic African touch. Many furniture is made with recycled material in alignment with the eco-concept of the resort. Stone walls, wood and glass are completely integrated into the surrounding nature, in perfect harmony with the highest level of furnishings and materials, which lead the Ycona Resort far beYond Luxury. It’s the perfect mix among modern style, class, charm with the right African soul where the guest will feel “at home”. We want to deliver unprecedented experiences especially to romantic couples and honeymooners.

Our team is a young and highly motivated multinational group that make of the passion for their job and the satisfaction of our clients their mission. The smile of our highly trained local employees, the customized and complimentary services we offer and the will to exceed consistently our clients’ expectations represent our philosophy. On top, Ycona team is very committed to sustainability of our operations and support the valorization of local communities via training and several circular economy and environmentally friendly initiatives.


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Phone : +33 6 48 08 50 02
Email : rejane@the-r-list.com

the-r-list, by Rejane Narbonnet