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48 bedrooms
5 suites
5 stars classification
Lacure SPA

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In the heart of the golden triangle between: the Madeleine church, major department stores and the Arc de Triomphe.
Just like the twenty-first century Parisian, the hotel Bowmann is a beautiful combination of tradition and innovation, heritage and the avant-garde, and expertise and creativity. The hotelier has sought a new kind of bold, daring luxury encompassing both ethics and aesthetics.

The Bowmann beats to the rhythm of the Parisian art of living, with the relaxed yet demanding Parisian lifestyle the hotel embodies charming a whole new generation of guests. With everything from historic architecture to eclectic decor and bespoke services, the hotel enables guests to write their own chapter in the story of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


BOWMANN SUITE with panoramic terrace overlooking Paris
1 to 4 people – king size beds
100m2 + 100m2 terrace with jacuzzi and panoramic views
Fireplace, 2 toilets, large lounge, bathtub and shower

1 to 2 people – king size bed
Between 40 and 43m2
Bathtub and shower, lounge area, adjoining balcony, Eiffel Tower views

1 to 2 people – king size bed
Between 40 and 43m2
Haussmannian moulding, bathtub and shower, fireplace, sitting room

1 to 2 people – king size bed
Between 28 and 33m2
Shower with waterfall massage head, lounge corner

EXECUTIVE HAUSSMANN with view on garden or boulevard
1 to 2 people
Between 25 and 27 m2
Shower, signature furniture

BOWMANN with view on garden or boulevard
1 to 2 people – king size bed or Twin beds
Between 21 and 24 m²
Shower, signature furniture


Restaurant « 99 Hausmann » and its garden
In a haven of peace inside or in the garden, the pupils dilate, the colors come alive, the greedy and new smells sparkle …
The bet is taken! Chef Gregory Cohen officiates at the restaurant « 99 Haussmann » and takes up the challenge to seduce you …

The «Bar 99 Hausmann»
The Bowmann Bar is sophisticated yet relaxed and a decidedly Parisian space in which people can meet.
Time almost seems to stand still as you enjoy a delicious signature cocktail created by our mixologist using French alcohol and other components.
A secret, cosy and elegant location known by those in-the-know, where shadow and light and joy and serenity combine!


A pioneering approach that acts on well-being and beauty while preserving health.
LACURE OFFICINE is a natural and organic integrative care program designed to slow the aging process, strengthen the immune system and control weight.


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